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I have a question for you? At what point is it no longer desirable to spank a woman of a certain age? 50, 60, 84 … ever? It’s one of my biggest fears … that I will end up, not just alone, but unfulfilled and forgotten. I asked a gentleman friend some time ago just that. “Who will spank me when I am 80?”

Immediately, he responded that he would. I was impressed, flattered, but truly not convinced. It’s hard enough finding someone you are truly compatible with when you are younger and still somewhat pliable and appealing … the mere thought of trying … still trying to even find that ‘love connection … tap connection …’ for the next 20 years terrifies me.

What are your thoughts? Will I even remember what a paddle is at 80 and beyond?

Rusty Has Not Left The Building

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Roses%20and%20Chocolate%20for%20RoseofSharon%20Wallpaper__yvt2I don’t quite know what to say … except, Howdy Y’all! Feeling kind of sheepish and neglectful – but I am back. Have had major life changing events in the last few weeks that have brought me back home to this point … where I began …

I’ve done a lot of soul searching … In the last year, I’ve met a couple of men that I had a strong interest in … and even took a leap of faith by divulging my spanking fetish. This is not always an easy task for me to do – it really is so very, very private for me — even though I talk about it openly here in my blog. However, I don’t really talk about ME as much as I paint scenarios with characters that could be me … but … Anyway, it has come to past that I am not in a relationship; not really in a position to be in one, or of much value to someone – at this point in time. My emotional/mental state is questionable, so I have retreated into my usual survival mode … I write.

Burning Willow has been republished on Amazon Kindle (there is a link on the right of this page). I hope you’ll take the time to purchase and share with any of your friends that may have an interest in my spanking stories (it’s free to share) … Burning Willow goes a little deeper than just spanking, but I still find it a delicious diversion …

But, here’s something I’m considering … I’ve had this fantasy for decades … I’ve always wanted to be a phone sex operator/flirt, but I’ve never really had the guts to do so. Anyway, I’ve decided to try it, but still can’t bring myself to actually talk with anyone – but we are able to leave recorded messages, as well as pay-to-view “items” … My items would be short stories; more particularly, a series of stories presented weekly (like a weekly tv drama or soap), continuing until it ends in an ultimate mini novel. I’m not sure how long the first mini novel (“The Whore of William”) will be, but each weekly chapter will be approximately 8 written pages.

No, this does not mean that I’m throwing my blog under the bridge – Yes, a girl does have to pay the bills, so it’s just a way for Rusty to supplement and branch out. And I will continue to write saucy blog posts and share clips with you here on a regular basis. I would like your feedback on this idea. What say you, Luvs?


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Just got word over the weekend that PayPal has backed off (you all probably already know that) … and, I can re-publish BURNING WILLOW again – working on that this week. Thanks for your patience.

We’re Having a Heatwave!

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Today, Indiana is facing the hottest day on record in decades – and Rusty Nale is no exception. Due to personal reasons – not to mention a draught in inspiration, it looks like things may be picking up. That’s right folks, I think I might have met my match … So, in the next few days, I will be filling my Luvvies in on the new and improved Rusty Nale and her new adventures.

Also, BURNING WILLOW may be coming back. Some censorship has been lifted, but I’m still determining what guidelines my novel falls within – if any at all. So, hopefully, I will be able to re-upload the link today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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While I hate to say this, but I have been forced to UN-PUBLISH my BDSM novel, “Burning Willow.” This work was in the form of an e-book, and I had a convenient link to the book available on this blog. You may be aware that PayPal has instigated a war on erotic literature, including all ebooks containing themes of rape and incest AND BDSM.

Without any notice, PayPal reserves the right to close any accounts that violate their acceptable use policy … In other words, the companies and sites that host our e-books – and have the right to confiscate any funds in their accounts. Let’s just say, they won’t process the readers’ credit cards if they wish to exercise their right to read whatever the hell they want. As authors, we have been asked by our various host companies (Smashwords.com, in my case) to remove our work immediately.

Here’s the interesting part. I have a new computer – Well, less than a year old. My old hard drive crashed, and I was only able to save part of it; NOT the part that contained my original manuscript for Burning Willow (there never was a hard, printed copy) … So, if you were fortunate enough (and I appreciate it if you have) to buy a copy from me, consider it now rare. Rather than fight the system or try to fly under the radar, I complied, like a good little girl, and unpublished Burning Willow.

Thank you all for your continued support and friendship. I will be back here within the next few days.

If you’d like further information on the new war against erotic literature, please check out this link:


Red-Head Spanked + Ass Videos – Extremetube.com

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Happy Holidays to My Luvvies … A Bit Of Heat To Keep You Warm…

Red-Head Spanked + Ass Videos – Extremetube.com.

Happy Holidays, Father Jon

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Merry Christmas, my friend — You have No idea how hard this was for me to do! LOL Enjoy the holiday week.